/ by medicinebleu

Krabi, Thailand

After a ferry ride, and a 4 hour crammed bus in which I shared a seat with a kid and a chicken, we make it into Krabi-Town. The last 8 kms, we decided to walk just to spite the taxi hawkers. Ha. I am carrying way too much stuff- will at some point ditch all computer gear. The next day we rented a new set of Hogs and blew up the coast. This pace is pretty amazing, not much on the beach front, but the seascape is surrounded by these massive rock monolifts. A few wrongs turns, here and there, we covered about 35 kms. For James Bond fans, this is the locale of "The Man with the Golden Gun". There is a constant haze, which makes shooting somewhat difficult. After a few days checking out the different beaches, I get a little restless. We hopped on the same shitty bus North to Bangkok. Same-Same is the way around here, doesn't matter if you pay top price, or dirt cheap for a third class ticket- that Ole VIP Bus and cheap bus is always one in the same - Same Same.

So here I am, there's three of us, crammed into two seats. This dude leans over- "Never get off the Bus man, Never get off the bus". Ha- Never get off the bus- that's for god damn right. Unless you're willing to go all the way. Kurtz got off the bus, and he split with the whole god damn program. And here I am.....There's a sort of trance state you put yourself in when your ride sucks. Music helps, if its too loud, ear plugs are the answer. Have water, keep your kit close, it'll walk. You let nothing affect you, never look where you are going,I follow the power lines, if there are any. You speak and understand no language, mental clicks of the shutter. Try not to numb your senses cause when you're jolted back to earth, you will most likely need them. Just be.

Arrived in Bangkok at 5 am.