/ by medicinebleu

After a week of Koh Phang nan lovin- Bailey leaves- his trip is over. Over the past week we blazed a few trails on the bikes, some epic hikes, and especially nice some epic beach sessions. A black moon party came and went. Ole Bailey looked like Georgie Jung from the movie "Blow" - tan, aviators, and an unbuttoned shirt- "One for the Road man!" ha ha, he left in a back of a pick up, in a cloud of dirty hippies, and stoned Euros- the vacation was good for the ole boy.

Milla, Brian, and I tire of the scene at the "Sun View" bungalows, sad folks who have seen "The Beach" one too many times. I don't think some of these cats ever left the common area- too hip, tied to the loaded friesbee and the handrolls. We hop on the Hogs and tear into Thong Sala (Dodge City) to buy a one way south to Krabi. News from Nepal gets worse by the day. Riots in Kathmandu. The West calls the King a bully, I can't wait to get the real story. I'll be there in a week or two.