/ by medicinebleu

Bangkok, Thailand

Back in Bangkok, on the mad search for cheap airfare to Nepal. Its kind of wierd, I have to sort out and plan the rest of my trip. Any changing now cost real money. The entire trip has been nice so far. I just got back some film shot with the ole panoramic and Holga- things look great. I am about to hook back up with the Big Bag of medical supplies I ditched in Bangkok with my friend Moncheri. Its massive, an Army Duffle bag full of medical kit, school supplies, etc -all donated by Shelia P. and her friends at the ER in Charleston, SC to be given to the Clinic Nepal. Looks like Brian and Milla are going with me to Nepal, ditching Thailand to teach English in Nepal at Hari's school. They will have fun. Nepal's elections are tomorrow, I am curious of the outcome. Hopefully peace will be eventually be restored. I guess I'll see soon enough.