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The Stones

Great films that throw a little Stones in.
1. Rushmore directed by Wes Anderson - "I am waiting" (from Aftermath 1966)*not actually on the Rushmore Soundtrack.
2. Beautiful Girls directed by the late Ted Demme - "Fool to Cry" (from Black and Blue)* missing from the Beautiful Girl's Soundtrack as well.
3. Full Metal Jacket directed by Stanley Kubrick - "Paint it Black" (from Aftermath 1966)
4. Blow directed by Ted Demme - "Can you hear me knocking" (from Sticky Fingers)
5. The Big Lebowski directed by the Coen Brothers - "Dead Flowers" (from Sticky Fingers)
6. Goodfellas by Martin Scorsece - "Monkey Man" (from Let it bleed)
7. One plus One directed by Jean-Luc Godard - Sympathy for the Devil (from Beggar's Banquet)
and of course...
8. Apocalypse Now directed by F.F. Coppola - "(I can't get no)Satisfaction" (from Out of Our Heads)

-there are many more...