Cinematographer/ Photographer Pat McDonnell has logged more than 20 years shooting in the outdoors. In 2001, he created Medicinebleu Films, which specializes in documenting the humble ambition of ordinary people around the world who work to make a difference in their communities.

Styled as a lo-fi grassroots collective, Medicinebleu Films has taken McDonnell to Nepal, Patagonia, Belize and Ecuador to shoot both stills and live action for what he identifies as “passion projects” raising funds for medical relief.

McDonnell also specializes in reportage photography. When displaying in public he often times transfers his photographs to wood. These street-style works are originally shot with film cameras, then printed to paper and transferred to wood with an emulsifier capturing a unique authenticity in each one-of-a-kind image.

Whether he's capturing high-adventure river trips in the Southeastern U.S. or documenting the enduring human spirit in far-flung regions of the world, McDonnell's DIY mentality helps him thrive in the most impossible landscapes. He is a graduate of the school of Television, Film, and Recording Arts at Florida State University.


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